Can I get the history for an airport

Is there anyway to get the history of flights for an airport at a certain time?


Not yet.

Just so we understand, what sort of task(s) are you trying to accomplish with that data?

I would like to see arrivals or departures from an airport for the entire day, not just the last few flights. Also, the ability to go back and enter a day and view the flights would be great.



That could be a lot of data.

As we begin to offer the ability to do searches based on aircraft type and display a full output that you can page through, we’ll likely add what you’re describing although probably not a full daily output on one page if the airport has a substantial number of operations.

You already have the data in your database (since you show it by tail number). How about letting us pick the starting date and time and then showing a page worth of data? Than let us show the next 25 or 50 or whatever entries.

thanks for listening and I do like your site,