Finding Past Aircraft Numbers

Hey Guys,

I’m trying to fill in some missing aircraft numbers and equipment types for my flying activity over the past 5 years and am having some trouble getting the info without having to pay. There are somewhere around 200 flights I need info for and would really hate to have to pay the several hundred dollar fee FlightAware wants for each historical data sheet. Is there any way around having to pay such a high price if I just want the equipment type and aircraft number for historical flights dating back up to 5 years?

Thank you, I appreciate the help.

If your flights were all domestic flights in the US you can pull the DOT on-time data from the Bureau of Transportation Statistics. Its only there for airlines that are required to report statistics and some airlines (notably American) use nose number instead of tail number in the data, so you’d have to decode those. And you’d likely have to set up a separate data pull for each flight. But it’s free.