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Alternative to Flightaware flight history report

Hello, is anyone aware of possibly another source were I can look up my Tail number flight history.

I thought FA would be perfect, till I discovered it doesn’t matter how many flights you did in a year.
They base all their data on the year. In my case, there were a few years were the aircraft did not fly at all, due to health reasons. There were some years that the plane might have only flown 2-3 times that year.

It doesn’t matter. I know based on a chat I had last night, there are 650 total records showing for my tail number. However I bought the plane in Jul of 2003, so I don’t need 98-Jun of 03. Again, it doesn’t matter.

I am trying to redo my Aerostar flying in the FF logbook, since the original data was lost.

I know someone will state, well it’s tough to pull up all that data. It was done in about 3 minutes last night.

Based on my needs, this will cost close to $1,000 to get info on probably less than 200 flights form 03-2020.

I understand FA has to make money etc, but come on! Give some consideration to amount of data too!

Again, I ask is anyone aware of an alternative? I don’t mind paying a bit for my data, but charge me for the amount of data retrieved, not just each year. Especially, when some years were not flown at all!

Probably no need for any FlightAware folks to respond. I pretty much already know your answer. It shows in your pricing unfortunately.

Thank You to anyone who may have some info.

If this is a US-based aircraft you could perhaps try a FOIA request to get whatever historical data the FAA has. I don’t know how long they keep that data for or how complete it will be.

Also, if FlightAware’s self-serve rapid report doesn’t fit what you need (they necessarily have a simple set of rules) then you could look at a custom report instead.

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