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New guy with a question...

Hello all.

I don’t know if this has been covered, I’ve checked the FAQs and searched the forums and can’t find the answer I need.

I understand that FlightAware has the option to go back in time and show historical data, I believe it’s up to 4 months back for ‘free’ members like me.

How do I access this? I am specifically interested in flights that pass by a given ground location at a given time (or date).

Thanks in advance, and I look forward to many pleasant hours here! :slight_smile:

Tony Baldacci
North Bend, OR (KOTH)

Hello Westermarker

Thank you for using FlightAware. By ground location do you mean a VOR? If you have a specific tail number you can look at 4 months of history. If you want to get flight history of a couple of airplanes that have flown over a certain VOR or fix then you should contact our Custom report specialist. Sherron can pull that information for you for a nominal fee. If you’re interested in that type of report email her at:


That would probably work. Thanks very much!


The 4 months of historical data online is for any specific flight - look for the “More Past Flights” link at the bottom of the flight page.