Flight History Bug

If you look at this flight, you will see that it has no flight history for the past 4 months, according to the site. However, I have been looking at this flight recently on this site, and I know for a fact that it does. Is this some sort of a bug?


Yeah, I noticed this happening too, it appears to be system-wide… The flight history isn’t coming up for me past the beginning of April, some aren’t coming up at all with history… I’m sure the FlightAware guys will have it back up and working soon, knowing them :wink:

Historical data is currently unavailable to reduce load on the database server. We’ve been working on the database server for most of the day, and hopefully everything will be back to normal in a few hours. No data from the past or today has been lost.

Just saw the link on the home page, thanks for the explanation. :slight_smile:

Yeah me too. Thanks for giving us the heads up :smiley:

Ditto, Ditto! Went in search of a thread like this before I posted my “why is it” question. Good to know all will be back to normal soon. Keep up the good work!