Flight history - where is it?

I read somewhere on the forums that the airfield history is now available for the past 3 months.

Where is it? I can’t find it anywhere and it’s still only showing the past couple days when you look up an airfield. :frowning:

Flight histories are available for 90 days, but airfield histories are only available for a few days.

Can you make airfield history available for 90 days please, or at least 30 if not 90 ?

I’ll have to talk to the database guys about this one, but I’ve added it as an enhancement in our bug tracking system (open to the public) so you can track our progress on this issue.

Your responsiveness this and a number of issues has been outstanding. Thank you very much. Having said that (here it comes) what’s the status of the fleet tracking capability?

Probably getting tired of reading this one, huh?