No Historical Detail Info (graphs)

Hi Folks - Can someone please tell me if I am missing something?

I am trying to get the detailed historical info for UAL flight 246 from ORD to BUF on 3/18/11. The flight shows up but when I click on the track log and graph link, all it pulls up are related links and “No History” (along with some banner ads).

Figuring this was an anomoly, I tried several other flights and got the same thing. Has this feature been disabled?

Any help greatly apprecaited.

Doing the same thing for eagle flights from FWA-DFW.

No history.

It’s an intermittent bug we’re working on over the weekend.

There was a bug introduced with a swapout of some of the underlying technology (goodbye trackstream, hello birdseye).

A fix was propagated at 3/21 2100Z and spot checking 100 tracklogs, it appears to be working properly.

I apologize for any inconvenience – we should have caught this.