Flightview Comparison


I was wondering if folks had a more recent appraisal of how Flightview stacks up against FlightAware (the last post I could find was from 2006: discussions.flightaware.com/viewtopic.php?t=581). I am interested in buying some historical flight information and was wondering which source to use.

In particular, I was wondering if folks could comment on both the breadth of coverage (are there flights included here that are not listed at Flightview? My understanding is that they both list just IFR flights from the FAA’s ASDI feed; I know the Flightview public site has a limited number of airports but I think their for-pay is a complete listing) and if there were any discrepancies in terms of accuracy (I am mainly wondering about arrival and departure times, and not so much about whether the in-flight tracking is more upto date).

Thanks for any comments on this!

Please call 800-713-8570 and ask for Mark – he can help you out with everything you need.

thanks–will give that a try on Monday!