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Flightaware anywhere available - well done

Just have read the news about “Flightaware anywhere” which has been enabled now.

This is one of the best improvements i’ve noticed so far. Very good job! :+1: :+1: :+1:


Indeed, awesome addition. Took quite a while to populate all currently tracked aircraft, but still a very welcome feature.

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This is really interesting but I’m not sure it’s actually showing me everything I’m sending to FA. For example, my main receiver is showing Total aircraft 113 and 110 with positions but the http://flightaware.com/skyaware map is showing 108/73

My second receiver is showing 52/47 so it’s not that either.

If it showed a combination of the two, that would be really good but even so, it’s nice that I can be out and about and see a view of my receiver(s) without firing up a VPN.

For me it works, but as timothy stated it took a while until all aircraft are listed.

I would assume it depends on the connect frequency why sometimes a deviation is shown compared to the live view.

Now i have a Skyview even for my Airsquitter :slight_smile:

Where are you accessing this? I am not seeing it at the link that you shared.


You need to be logged into your FlightAware account then go to:

Login to your account on Flightaware.com and use the link in first posting. It should go to your view. It will take a few seconds until all aircraft are shown

Thanks, I see that now.

Oddly, it seems to be hovering at around 20-25% fewer aircraft than when I view directly on my Pi.

Right at this moment, I am showing 70 aircraft, 66 with position, when I look at it locally, and 55/52 through the FA website. I realize that it is not necessarily real time, but I have been very steadily in the upper 60s to low 70s for the last several hours at least.

Oddly, the original link you posted doesn’t work for me, even when logged in. It just takes me to the generic ADSB page. However, the link @keithma posted works fine.

That’s really strange. I tried to edit the post, but whenever i add the link, it converts to /adsb/ at the end.

As Keith posted the correct one, i removed mine

Not sure which data are shown, but i’ve realized that some MLAT and FA aircraft sent back to my receiver are not shown.

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Part of the explanation for the different aircraft counts might be that it is not showing MLAT aircraft in my case.

Edit: (Sorry, just read the post above properly - already noted.)


Awesome! Love it!

Anybody else notice that the Distance column is not present, and if you add it, it isn’t populated with data? RSSI column has the same problem.

RSSI is not present because that data is not uploaded to FA.

Distance is not present because it’s not obvious how to deal with that when there is more than one site present. It would make sense for the single site case though.

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Seem to be only short fun, getting this message currently :slight_smile:

Also the logs from my receivers are having issues to be shown.
However it works and reloading the stats are not showing issues


I’d like to add my vote of thanks too for a great feature :+1:

I have two sites at the same location (different gain settings) but I’m seeing an aggregate picture as far as I can tell (minus the MLAT, as mentioned by others).
However I’m curious about those that have muliple sites at different locations: what do your SkyAware Anywhere range rings look like?
Do you see multiple sets?

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Now i have a significant deviation as well:

To the left my local receiver, to the right the anywhere view:

Will FlightAware anywhere become a permanent feature? If so will our profile have a link to click on?

Check your profile later today :slight_smile:

We’ll be adding MLAT soon and are looking into other fixes and improvements for the official release

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Very nice and handy feature! Now we don’t need noip or dyndns services to look at own station from anywhere! Happy to see that =)
I work about 30 miles away from home/station and sometimes I want to identify a plains I see right now above my head with my FF. Now I can do it immediately.
Many thanks!

Remark about some missing crafts via local/cabinet views: some craft owners asked not to track them, so I think that is the reason. You may track it with your direct connection, but FA server filters data so after that you wont.

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SkyAware Anywhere does not filter aircraft tracked. You see what your receivers are picking up. With that said, sometimes your local view will not match completely. This is because your PiAware/FlightFeeder will not send all the data it receives to FlightAware. One example of this is when you only receive one or two messages from an aircraft. Your receiver will display those locally, but not send them to our servers. Thus you would not see that aircraft on SkyAware Anywhere.