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Aircraft data source swapped from "ADS-B" to "Other"

After a hiatus of a couple of weeks (Pi died due to high temperatures), I noticed that FlightAware sees pretty much every report coming from “Other” instead of “ADS-B” as done before.

SkyAware sees ADS-B, as does FlightRadar24 and ADS-B Exchange.

Any idea what might be going on here?

I do see a different problem on your site as well, as the number of reported positions is significantly lower than before. At least this can be a reason why the aircraft are also counted differently

Are you sure that your setup is operational properly? Any loose cable maybe?

I doubled check just now, and the cable to filter nut was a bit loose, so I tightened that up. The one big difference is me swapping the Pi3 for a Pi4.

I restarted the PiAware service, no change. Restarted the entire Pi, and well, no change either. Local SkyAware sees most entries as ADS-B, but Remote SkyAware sees them as “Mode S” which should be ok, but I don’t see them on the map.

For example:



Fixed… I had to purge piaware, reinstall, manually set my feeder. That did it.

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Even this i doubt.
Just checked my Skyaware Anywhere (remote) is showing the aircraft as ADS-B:


Screenshot is from my Skyaware remote. I do not use the local version.

Sounds like you’ve got it fixed, but generally this means that you have the receiver location set dramatically wrong (a reversed sign is a common error) - and all positions are being discarded as being out of range of the receiver.

looking on his screenshot and his profile, i would say it’s dramatically wrong…

Which difference is required to show such a behavior?

It’s a gradual effect as the error increases; probably > 600NM for the full effect.

His location set and shown on the map seem to be only a few miles.
But i’m not the expert.

Sure, but it’s working now. So…

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Nothing actually changed from before, except I upgraded from a Pi3 to a Pi4. Maybe the it’s the attic temperatures? They go above 40°C nowadays.

Let’s see if purge/reinstall fixes the count issue as well.

What’s the CPU temperature of the device itself? The environment is normally not the problem if the cooling works in general.

Did you install the graphs1090 package of @wiedehopf ?
This can give you plenty of information regarding your device and especially the feeding.

I have not, but I shall now.

CPU temperature can reach 70°C, but that should be within the limits of the device.

70 should not be an issue. The device is specified up to 85° before it starts throttling.
However long lasting high temperatures can shorten the life, but that might take a while.

Which cooling options are you using? I have good experience with the Armor cases which are pure Aluminium and the case is the heatsink itself.
My device is outdoor on my balcony (well covered from rain). High in summer is 35° or more, but the device stays below 60°

Currently i have more concerns regarding my Airspy stick which gets pretty hot. Heatsinks are on its way

I’m using a wall mount metal case with a fan (the only case that worked well with PoE), and a Noctua 60mm on top forcing more air into the case. The case is dangling from one of the wood posts (two screws only) so it has more airflow. I share the same concerns about the sdr stick getting a bit hot, but that should only affect the PPM and not, well, flightaware seeing mode s and not fully adsb data.

OK, than the heat should not be a problem for you.

Would be interesting to see what these graphs are showing:

Nekoeth0 is not the only one.
If you look at the FA top feeders globally you’ll find a Spanish feeder who has twice as much ‘other’ than ADS-B positions, I wonder if this is just an innocent error or… :wink:

Yes, but Nkoeth0 has almost no ADS-B traffic.
And the spanish feeder has the majority of traffic from aircraft > 400 km away.
I am not saying it’s correct, but this seem to be a different thing.

He is operating two feeders, same situation

This one is more interesting. No MLAT traffic, no ADS-B traffic

At this point, I suspect I might have a bad SD card; soon after installing graph1090, the Pi4 became extremely unstable, rebooting pretty often and nothing on logs to indicate why it might be crashing and have the watchdog reboot the whole thing. That said, with no collectd running, system is stable, and it seems most reads are not proper ADS-B. I’ll do a full reinstall tomorrow, as soon as I get the new high endurance SD.