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Aircraft data source swapped from "ADS-B" to "Other"

And even stranger feeder Hirouchida is running a Flightfeeder which should be more reliable than a DYI Raspberry Pi feeder!



LoveRPi Power-Over-Ethernet HAT (Compact, Non-Isolated) powered by a Unifi flex switch. No abnormalities reported by the switch, so I don’t think it’s getting starved for power.

As far as i understand the RPi4 needs more power than the 3B

This one is, again, just a wrong location (no GPS on that FlightFeeder, and it’s actually in California not Texas) - thanks for the heads up, I’ll ask support to get that location updated.

Got the new SD card, went with 64bit for futureproofing so I had to build dump1090-fa and piaware. Happy to report that graph1090 is no longer crashing my RPi, so I will let this run for the next week to compare numbers.

I take that back. Graph1090 kept crashing my RPi. I think this might be due to the differences between raspbian and dietpi, and tbh, debugging that is just too much of a hassle.


That said, it seems that I’m back to the numbers I had before. I did create a wisdom file, so that might help with DSP.

I guess this will be my final update unless directly ping’d here.

The crashing issues was found to be brown outs from the PoE HAT. While the switch reported nothing above 8W, I noticed that the RPi would crash during heavy CPU usage. I turned off PoE at the switch, changed to USB-C power, and well, problem solved. Regarding ADS-B vs Others, it required apt remove --purge dump1090-fa piaware and reinstall.

As you can see above, I’m getting a good amount of ADS-B data.

Screenshot 2021-07-23 170033

The last 24h compares rather nicely with trailing 7 day data as well. I think this issue has been fixed.

As a side note, I will be adding a 978 receiver sometime next week.