Pi aware suddenly detects 1/2 of the positions it did before

I’ve been running a Piaware for roughly one month now. When I first started it up I was getting ~400K ADS-B positions per day. Then one day around a week ago that suddenly dropped to ~200K and has stayed that way.

Other feeders around me have not dropped, so I don’t think it’s a change in air traffic.

I rebooted everything the wifi signal is good in that part of the house. The raspberry Pi 0W (I bought the kit) hasn’t changed and is running at 50C and 50% CPU. I never moved the antenna and connections seem good. Solar activity is similar.

What else should I try? Are there any diagnostics I can run on the system?


Sometimes you get connected to a server on the backend ( At flightaware) that asks for an increased reporting rate.
This will enlarge the number of reports sent and the position count is roughly double.
The aircraft count however will remain roughly the same.

Since you don’t influence which backend server is serving your station there’s not much you can do about that.

Other option might be that you had Skyaware anywhere open for your station during that time.
If so then the server also asks for more frequent reporting and that will also start an increase in the postion count ( but not the aircraft count).

Interesting. That makes sense. The aircraft count is down slightly as well from 1500ish to 1300ish but that’s not huge. Messages per second is down from 300ish to 150ish.

I was just curious if a component in the kit had failed suddenly because it was such a stark change on the plot. Apparently it’s not my end and everything is working.


It will also depend on where you are in the world. If you’re in the Northern Hemisphere, the winter timetables will see your rates drop

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