Competition from flight view

I recently searched “flight tracker” on google and found out that FW wasnt even on the page. Instead, near the top of the list was your new rival, FlightView. Thier website has all these fancy looking headers and buttons, and is aimed at airline customers, and airport management. It has all these different flavors of trackers and other aviation related tools, which may require a subscription.

They also had an ad for a flight tracking screensaver

Also, doesnt the name “FlightView” sound a little like “flightaware”? :laughing:

That company predates FlightAware by several years although they only recently started using a name that included the word “Flight” in it, previously it was something completely unrelated.

And I’ll add that they are certainly no competition to FlightAWARE, let alone a rival. FV is like a toy compared to FA. And the information you do get is far behind FA’s.

Not a bad page for people who think that only airlines are flying, but no way provides any “real” information for those who know that there is more to it than airlines.

Shows a flight’s speed in MPH. Paaleeeezzz! :stuck_out_tongue:

Go FlightAware!

I recognize that website. It used to have a different name and I think a different look. But even now, they don’t show all airports, and while they do show an airport traffic map you can’t select individual flights on that map. At least here, you get any airport and all the individual flights associated with that airport.

Their “live” flight track seems to show a different map location than here. I am looking at Midwest 819 now, and flightview shows it near the Chattanooga area while flightaware shows it significantly north of there. So the locations don’t match. On the other hand, flightview has a more accurate map on the flights to europe than flightaware.

the only cool thing they have is the flight track replay, and the zoomable map. They’re trying to copy this site, but they fall short.