Tracking Flights up to 4 Months

Searched in the forum but can’t find an answer so…

The Live Tracking results for a non-member quote that registered users can see tracks for the previous 4 months. So I registered… still can’t find a way to see data before yesterday.

The FAQ states that data is only available for 48/72 hours.

Which statement is correct, the FAQ, or the search result page for non-members?

Thanks for a useful resource.

Make sure you are logged into FlightAware. The registration for the forum and for FlightAware are two different things.

Airport data is available for 48-72 hours. Individual flights will show up to 4 months.

The tracking pages and discussion pages require separate registrations. Go to the Live Tracking page and register there, you’ll be able to see the expanded tracking results.

Airport dependent…

Thanks for the replies. I was logged in, but it looks like I was looking at airport data for a flight from Heathrow to Kuala Lumpur Int. I was on the flight a month ago and wanted to see info - this info only goes back 2 days.

Reading further about where the data comes from (specifically that most comes from the FAA), it’s not surprising.

Thanks again for the answers.

ps. in terms of the forum and site logins being separate, I didn’t need to register for the forum, so they are now either the same info, or registering on the site automatically creates a similar registration for the forum.

Your experiences are what mine was. Creation of the account crosses over, but for purposes of subsequent log in, you have two sites to consider. for discussions for live tracking.

The way I understand it from prior postings, each component is housed on different servers thus requiring the need for two diffent log ons and the link for logging in is at the top of each page indicated above.