Access 4 month flight history


How do I access the 4 month flight history.



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If I wasn’t registered and logged in I could not post a message.

Thank you anyway.


What seems to be the problem? Did you pull up the tail number and find no recent activity? You should have gotten full history, and if the aircraft flew a lot, you would be directed to click for additional history (to give you the 4 months worth) Try a second time, maybe the system just hiccupped!


Tried 4 times.
Wasted too much time with this silly hassle.

There are trackers out there that are a lot better that this

Last trasmission.


The discussion page and tracking page use a seperate authentication- it is possible to be logged into one and not the other.

That being said, be sure to try a commercial flight (which would have long history of IFR flights) to verify you can (or can’t) see 4 months. Post an example tail number if you keep having problems.

Good Luck!


I don’t understand why you’re so frustrated; you’ve also e-mailed support three times this morning and we’re trying to help you. The problem is probably that you don’t have cookies turned on. Check your browser settings and make sure you have cookies enabled.


You are too dense to figure it out or properly ask for help, so you insult the site. Real mature.

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We get folks like this all the time in our Forum. Timely answers to requests for assistance aren’t acceptable, they want a response yesterday!




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boy and i thought i was out of hand before this kid is a Di**

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