Finding the inbound flight


I would like to know where the plane I am taking is coming from so I can know if weather there will effect it’s arrival. Is that possible? I have the flight number but not the tail number.


If we have tail number information for your carrier (we have Continental, United, Delta, Air Canada, etc) we’ll add a “track inbound flight” link to the page near the identifier so you can find the inbound flight.

If we don’t have tail number data for your carrier, you can make a reasonable guess if you live at an out station based on aircraft type and reasonable turnaround times.


Wow. I never noticed that before. I usually fly American though. Very cool feature.

To the OP:
If that doesn’t work for you, I try to find the inbound by matching AC type and gate information. It can be tough big hubs during weather when they seem to change equipment more frequently.


The carrier is Jet Blue. So we often switch in NY. I do not see a “track inbound flight” link.

Thanks for the help though.