Newbie flight tracking question


I just found this site and I am trying to track a flight that my husband is scheduled to be on today. I am interested in finding out where the plane is that he will be connecting on in DEN. I entered the flight # and found the DEN to his destination but there was no corresponding flight # INTO DEN so I cannot tell if the aircraft that he is supposed to board in DEN is arriving on time. Does that make sense? Is there any way to find out where that aircraft might be arriving from and whether it is on time?


You should be able to check the schedule on the airlines website, and get the flight number???
If you tell us the flight number and destination, it may be easier to answer your question???


Airline and flight number would help but here goes.

Some flights just shuttle between two specific airports. So lets say your husband was on American Airlines flight 185 ( AAL185 ). It is possible that the equipment will arrive as AAL186 or AAL184. Most airlines adjust there flight numbers in this manner if the plane arriving is the same plane that is departing back to the original point of departure. Most times but not always.


arriving flight: ACA652 … /CYUL/CYDF

returning flight:ACA653 … /CYDF/CYUL

…so for me, if I am booked for ACA653, I don’t leave for the airport until I know ACA652 has left the ground.


So how would I get the flight # for the incoming plane? I do not know where it is coming from. Here are the specifics. He is scheduled on United 6663 out of EUG (operated by Sky West) to DEN. It is already going to be at least an hour late because I tracked the incoming flight from DEN. His connection in DEN is United 7066 (operated by Mesa) into COD. If it departs on time he will miss it (30 min. between flights). If it is delayed he still might make it but I cannot find out where 7066 is coming in from. That would give me a pretty good idea as to whether or not it will be late leaving DEN. He has an alternative of being routed through SLC which will get him into COD much later but still before midnight :smiley: .


Husband in the air now. Its on its way, this flight uses the same flight number both ways.

I think this is the flight you are looking for. Equipment has already arrived in Denver.

Husband flight to Yellowstone

Chances are they would hold the flight if it was waiting for connecting passengers. I didn’t find 7066 on the DEN departure board or scheduled departure.

What I have here generally works, but an airline can put any flight # on any equipment at any time to meet scheduling demands.


He is not in the air yet as the plane is still on it’s way to EUG from DEN but I think you are right about 7066. It looks like it just goes back and forth from DEN to COD. I guess I will just have to wait and see what they tell him in EUG.


See … oming+gate for discussion on similar if not the same thing.



What does a n# in red indicate? :confused:


These flights: