Match up flights for a plane?

Is there any way to match up two airline flight #'s for a particular plane/tail #? For example, is there a way I can find which flight # goes the opposite direction for this flight:

Besides just trying to guess by close arrival time per the airline’s website.

With FlightAware? No.

No, any way.

If you’re asking about tail number (ie FAA N#) or tracking an exact airframe, the answer is still no.

If you’re asking about flight number the answer is kinda/sorta…

Use the ‘don’t know the flight number?’ freature to the left. You can select the city pairs and then select the reverse feature. Some airlines flight numbers correspond, some dont.

Horizon SEA outbound flight = even
Horizon SEA inbound flight = odd

In this case its the same plane. QXE2 flew from Seattle to Yakima and then returned to Seattle as QXE1.

Yes, to some extent. I flew KBOS-KIND on AWI last month and I noticed that about once a week the flight was about four hours late. By comparing schedules (reasonable turn times) and using irrops to screen out a lot of possibilities (plane can’t leave at 8 if it doesn’t arrive until 9 one day), I was able to trace it back a couple flights. I got to KLGA and then there were too many AWI CRJ2 ops, LGA was the likely source of the delays, and it gave me enough lead time to predict if I should go standby on the earlier flight.

In your case it’s pretty much hopeless trying to match up AAL mad dogs in to/out of KDFW.

You were just guessing though. :slight_smile: I didn’t know if there was a more precise way.

I was interested in knowing how to do this for any future flights, but right now I’m interested in where an AAL MD flight into BNA comes from (which then goes to to DFW). Also where one is from that then flies SJC->DFW.

If the airport shows the arrivals/departure board or something simlilar, online, just take a look at that and match up gates.

As an example, AAL534 arrives at 14:35 at gate C5. AAL1452 departs at 15:35 from gate C5. It’s only logical to think that the inbound flight of AAL534 changes to outbound flight of AAl1452.


Flight City Time Gate Status
American Airlines 447 Chicago-ORD 2:39pm C3 Now 2:39PM
American Airlines 4125 Chicago-ORD 1:16pm C10 Now 1:16PM
American Airlines 4080 Chicago-ORD 6:10pm C12 ON TIME
American Airlines 2196 DALLAS-DFW 3:55pm C2 On Time
American Airlines 534 DALLAS-DFW 2:35pm C5 Now 2:35PM
American Airlines 2440 DALLAS-DFW 5:55pm C3 ON TIME
American Airlines 1974 LOS ANGELES 5:20pm C2 Now 5:20PM
American Airlines 1024 MIAMI 12:48pm C2 Landed
American Airlines 2275 New York-LGA 2:07pm C3 Now 2:07PM
American Airlines 5382 ST. LOUIS 5:35pm C10 ON TIME
American Airlines 5334 ST. LOUIS 6:45pm C10 ON TIME
American Airlines 5581 ST. LOUIS 1:27pm C12 Now 1:27PM
American Airlines 4600 Washington-DCA 4:40pm C12 On Time
American Airlines 4590 Washington-DCA 12:30pm C12 On Time
Airline Flight City Time Gate Status
American Airlines 1793 Chicago-ORD 3:25pm C3 ON TIME
American Airlines 4337 Chicago-ORD 6:35pm C12 ON TIME
American Airlines 4484 Chicago-ORD 1:45pm C10 AT 1:45P
American Airlines 1085 DALLAS-DFW 2:45pm C3 AT 2:45P
American Airlines 473 DALLAS-DFW 6:45pm C3 ON TIME
American Airlines 1227 DALLAS-DFW 4:35pm C2 ON TIME
American Airlines 1307 LOS ANGELES 6:20pm C2 ON TIME
American Airlines 1169 MIAMI 1:40pm C2 ON TIME
American Airlines 1452 New York-LGA 3:35pm C5 ON TIME
American Airlines 5389 ST. LOUIS 6:00pm C10 ON TIME
American Airlines 5582 ST. LOUIS 1:50pm C12 ON TIME
American Airlines 4598 Washington-DCA 5:05pm C12 ON TIME
American Airlines 4594 Washington-DCA 4:15pm C12 CANCELLE

That should work. Thanks.