Connecting Flight

Could Anyone Tell Me How To Find A Flight I’m Connecting With To My Destanation.
Ex: MSP-ATL-SRQ How Do I Find The Progress Of The Flight To ATL That I Will Be Taking To SRQ.

If we know the inbound flight, the link “(track inbound flight)” will appear next to the flight number for your flight, such as on this page.

I Don’t Know The Inbound Flight # Or Would It Be The Same As The Flight Number I’m Taking To SRQ From ATL. The Reason For This I Would Like To Know The Progress Of The Flight Headed For ATL, For On Time Progress.

So the question is: I’m connecting to XYZ101. It goes from ATL to SRQ. How do I determine if the aircraft that will fly XYZ101 is on-time?

Several ways, none of which will give you a definite aircraft to track.

  1. The best thing to happen would be for XYZ101 to have the same flight number into ATL as it does going out of ATL. However, there’s a possibility that the aircraft is changed for the two segments.

  2. If you know the gate that you will be leaving ATL from then you can go to the ATL webpage and look for a flight that is arriving just before your flight departs. This* may* be the flight.

  3. If you were flying Continental, which I don’t, you could go to their web page. They have a great flight status page that shows where the aircraft came from and is going to.

  4. You may be able to call the airline to get this information. However, many airlines are charging to talk to a live person on the phone. The aircraft may also change right after you talk to her.

Thank You For Your Help rw812

You don’t need to know the inbound flight number; we know it if we put the link on the page. You just click the link.

Where on the page would this information be?

I’ve looked at a couple of dozen flights and wasn’t able to find the information for any airline, even COA which shows the information on their flight status page.

Next to the flight number on the right hand side of the page - … /KATL/KSRQ has it.

I see it now. I was looking in the data box below the flight number. It’s good to know this information is available.

note that a lot of times the information is incorrect until just prior to departure - this is because the feed from the airline is incorrect until that point.

The best way to confirm that it is correct is if the gate numbers of the inbound and outbound flight match.