Flight Look-Up Question


I am wondering if anyone know how to look up the flight # of the flight that is making up my segment, i.e. I am flying from RSW to DCA on flight 1118 and I want to look up the aircraft comprising my flight to see what its status is (in this case it was 1119 and I got it from the arrivals monitor). I am just wondering if there is a website or database out there that would give that information.


I must be missing something. Type the airline and flight number it came in as to the left.


What I think that this user means is the specific AIRCRAFT. Not the status of the flight itself.

Like flight 9999 may be Airbus A319 N123AA. And he wants to know, where is N123AA right now… Is it flying in? Is it in the shop?

However with this service, there is not a practical way to track the specific aircraft of an airline, or to see what the aircraft will be, as they use a callsign for their flight plan rather than a registration number.


Actually, what I was looking for is a way to look up the flight that is making up the segment before the flight I am on to see if the flight I am about to take is coming in on time/where it is coming from. For example, I was in RSW last weekend and flying from RSW to DCA on USAirways #1119. I could look that flight up BUT it would show yesterday’s flight since I had not yet departed. I wanted to see the flight that was coming in to RSW to make up my flight to DCA. In this case, I went to the arrivals board and found the flight that was coming in to my gate and assumed that would be my flight, but I just wondered if there was another way to do this - i.e. look up the flight before the flight I was about to get on to see where it is and when it is landing, etc. Make sense?


Looking at the incoming flight on the arrivals board is the best way to do it.


Cross reference arrivals board and gate number with outbound gate number is what I’ve done.

Continental has a cool site that will tell you what the ship# is and where the aircraft is coming from prior to the flight you may be checking on:


click “view flight status,” then “where is this aircraft coming from”


Cross-referencing with the boards would probably work if your flight left in the middle of the day, or in the evening. But if it’s an early morning departure, it might be a different deal. There could be some shuffling of the aircraft on the ground during the wee hours. Say DAL107 lands on time and unloads at gate 38. That particular aircraft overnights at SAN. They need to clear the gate for the next arrival, so they tow that particular B738 to a parking area. Next morning it might depart out of gate 37 or 39. Delta, United, Continental are among the airlines that do this at SAN. We have 41 gates, but 50-60 aircraft that overnight here, excluding commuters/RJ’s.
tjwgrr’s above link is definately a nice feature, and should be implemented on all airlines’ websites.