Problem with flight tracker?

Whenever I try to track a flight, when I click on an airline in the dropbox, it does not register in the Airline, and if I enter the airline code and a flight number, it always tries to track the private flight. For example if I enter SWA and 3678, it always tries to track 3678. Is that a website issue or an issue with my broswer?

Could you give a little more information as to the problem?

  1. What page are you on?
  2. What box are you typing the information into?

if you know the ICAO code of the airline you can just put “SWA1234” in the Flight/Tail# field, rather than trying to put SWA into the airline field and Flight # in the flight # field. That’s more made for people who don’t know the ICAO code and have to look it up.

I tried swa3678 and swa 3678 in the top box and in the airline tracker swa 3678 and they all worked for me.