All Company Aircraft Active


First of all let me just tell you how impressed I am with your site. A pat on the back to the good folks at for advertising your services.

Now to my question: Is there anyway a wildcard can be inserted in airline field so all current flights operated by a single carrier/company are displayed. There are some of us who develop flight plans for Flight Simulator and this tool would greatly facilitate the creation of these plans.

Again, thank you for all you are doing and from the flood of suggestions/comments so far, will continue to do for us aviation enthusiasts!


We don’t currently offer fleet tracking in general. However, we may arrange for an airline-tracking mechanism for popular airlines. Keep an eye on the site.


Fleet tracking is a great idea - for large, small, and charter lines. Do you have to do much more than index the Airline Code? You already do something of that sort for Lifeguard flights.

I know … NEVER ask if a task requires “much more than…”! :wink:


The feature is already written, functional, and fully tested although we have some preexisting agreements that may restrict our ability to offer this immediately; that said, we’re working on that matter and will keep everyone posted.