Fleet Watch


I am new to Flightaware.com. I was wondering if you could just see what planes are flying by the airline. Instead of the airport it would be the airline. Just wondering.


I’m very interested in this feature as well…perhaps not only a fleet watch by airline, but perhaps for registered users, a custom built fleet watch, where you can add/delete aircraft and/or airlines to the list.

Would be very beneficial for my usage of FlightAware.


If you look through previous postings on the forum you will see that the ability to see all flights by a specific operator is under development.


Are there any updates to this requested feature?





The issue is more complicated than it may seem, but you can trust it’s on our agenda and we’ll make it available as soon as we can.


When/If fleet watch becomes a reality it would be nice to have a map showing user-selected airports on the map itself (like it currently does for dep. and dest.) and show all the user-selected aircraft with latest flight track (if airborne) and location of aircraft with an airplane symbol (if arrived) on one map.


Try B73* for aircraft type to capture all three classes of Boeing 737s that they use.


Use A320 and E190 for Jetblue.


When there is a fleet watch I think it would be cool if there was a map with all the aircraft in that fleet up in the air. Ex. Type in Continental Airlines when it comes up have there be a map (like the radar when you look at an airport with all the flights in and out of there) that way you can see a flight thats in Chicago and one thats all the way down in Orlando. And all the ones in between. Is the understandable?? :confused:


Yes, you the did pharse you suggestion understandably.