Can I track all the flights at once?


Could I track all the aircraft in flight at once via type or airline on the map? I know I can track textually (sp?) Via airline or type I know there are pay services that let you do this. Would this be a Premium Service?

I did a brief search :blush: and didn’t see anything


It’s not available yet, even as a pay service.


That’s a pretty neat idea, though. I can see how this would be productive for someone like the fractional that James (^the younger one^) works for. Whoever plans the flights could see graphically which planes are where in real time (w/in 6 minutes anyway). For a mortal amateur such as myself, it would look awfully cool to track an entire airline and see the clutter around the hubs.


All flights coming or going to one airport would be neat as well. The Port Authority of NY and NJ has one for their airports (EWR, JFK, and LGA), which you can see here:

It would be neat to see something similar implemented by FA.


Like leardvr said, there are other programs available that do exactly that, and are wonderful. Our ops has access to all of that, but I’d love to be able to see it too. A lot of aviation companies use proprietary software that is designed in-house or specifically for them. I’m sure Flexate can attest to that. It would be even more wonderful if FlightAware offered it for free!