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Is there a way to search for all flights that start w/ a particular beginning call sign, for example



UEJ etc…

I tried searching w/ tail number: EJA*
which returned nothing, knowing there are many flights out there that begin w/ this.



We offer wildcard (e.g., B73*) searches by aircraft type but do not currently offer fleet tracking. We are considering that for future.


Yeah, that would rock. I was searching to see if anybody asked this when I ran across this thread. It helps to find flights for our company. Sometimes when we go out as say LSY 71, they throw in a 0, i.e. LSY 071. Makes it hard to find. There are other anomilies that throw off the flight number also. Such as FSS screwing things up. I have seen other services that use a “*”


FlightAware strips off all leading zeros from flight numbers.



I would like to second the motion for a wildcard search, or a specific airline search that would display all aircraft airborne from a specified carrier. I would find that potential feature most useful!


Me too! This would be a really useful feature! :slight_smile:


I would also like to request fleet tracking


Yes, this would be a great feature if it could be done!


Thanks, everyone. We definitely understand the high level of interest.


Hi Guys,

While on the the subject of wildcard searches, is there any way a dropdown menu of aircraft types could be implemented? If not, perhaps publishing a list of types as they would appear on screen would facilitate the wild card searches.

For example, this morning I wanted to do a search for piston Convairs, …or just Convairs for that matter… and without knowledge of the exact code for such an aircraft, it was rather difficult to find.

And while I dare dream…how about wildcard searches within a particular terminal area?!

Have a great day guys,



This has been requested before, and we plan on adding a text search (like the airline and airport codes) for aircraft types. You can track our progress in our bug tracking system.


I like it! I like even more how you can sort the results into whichever order you want, although I don’t think it would have been too difficult to insert script so that the columns could not just be sorted Z-A, but also A-Z.

Would it be possible for a powerful search page where one can search for pretty much anything they want (within reason), also using wild cards?

For example, the aircraft type search is great, but if it were coupled with callsign + wild card, it would be amazing.

For example, I want to search for all AAL B767’s, but ONLY AAL ones and ONLY ones departing DFW, so a wild card could be set up thus to allow this criteria :

FLIGHT: AAL* (where * = wild card for trip number)
TYPE: B76* (where * = wild card for variant, ie. B762/3/4)
DESTINATION: ____ (left blank for the above criteria)

All, results could be returned for current (live) flights and perhaps with a button to click for past flights matching the above criteria!

Thoughts? :slight_smile:

The site is taking shape nicely and I’m loving more every day! Great work chaps! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Click on the little black arrow to reverse the search order.

More powerful searching is coming soon. I think you’ll like it. :wink:


Well would you believe it! I’m sure I clicked on that before and it didn’t do anything! :confused:

Great stuff! I’ve found the type wild card too! Didn’t know it existed yet.

Also, noticed a little glitch. I believe that the correct type designation for the Learjet’s is LR not LJ. At least that’s how they’re filed at Eurocontrol at Maastricht. Also, the type wild card only seems to work on the last digit. This is no good for types like the LR’s which need a double wild card, eg. LR**. Also doesn’t work for Citation’s and that kind of ilk, eg. C5**. :confused:

Also, can you tell me how to find out the flight history for an airport past 4 days old? I haven’t found any historical data using the airport search past approx 4/5 days old :confused: .


We think so too. But the folks who file, fly, and control Lears use L, LJ, and LR so we support all the options.

Correct. That’s a temporary limitation until we work out something better.

Also, can you tell me how to find out the flight history for an airport past 4 days old? I haven’t found any historical data using the airport search past approx 4/5 days old :confused: .

Correct. That’s a temporary limitation until we work out something better.


Are you sure? I’m getting results when searching for LJ35 LJ60 etc, but none for LR35 LR60.

:confused: :question:


Here’s a few recent ones:

OAE18  | LR35 
N66NJ  | LR35 
RAX821 | LR25 
RAX698 | LR25 
WDR88  | LR35 
DDA77  | LR35 
N314XS | LR31 
N66NJ  | LR35 
LXJ417 | LR45 
N45NP  | LR45 

A lot of those aircraft aren’t consistent with how they file.

And in the all-time breakdown of Lear types:

LR35	|	1.33%
LR45	|	0.47%
LR25	|	0.26%
LR31	|	0.23%
LR60	|	0.18%
LR55	|	0.15%
LR24	|	0.10%
L35	|	0.074%
L36	|	0.018%
L25	|	0.015%
L31	|	0.014%
L60	|	0.013%
L45	|	0.004%
L24	|	0.004%

So it’s not even a large majority, but it’s enough that we’ll go along with it.


I’m not getting any of those to show when using the aircraft type search at

Try it.

The only LR35 that shows up is a USC flight.

:confused: :confused:


The type page only shows flights currently in the air and all of those flights I listed have already landed. Look on their flight pages to see their history of filing various type codes.


Right okay. I was just thinking that if someone were to look to see what LR35’s were currently in the air, by entering the criteria as ‘LR35’, they would only be getting a fraction of the picture :wink: . Perhaps a script to automatically link L35, LJ35 and LR35 together might do the trick? :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: