Flight no. wild card search, when?


There’s been talk for months now of the flight no. wild card search. Can we have an update when it’s due to be implemented please? :slight_smile:

For example, I want to be able to search for any BOE flights, eg, BOE***.

Surely isn’t a long-winded job to do for someone with some database script know-how. :confused:



I started a topic on this about a month ago, hope it is implemented in the near future. :smiley:


Do you envision something for a prefix (ual*, EFG*, nwa*, etc.) that will show
planes in the air the way you can now do for aircraft types (C560, B753, BE41), etc. (in a list that will give you a map if you double-click on it). Or, do you, like me, want to see the map populate with all the flights of a given company (United, UPS, Air Canada, etc.)? (both would be cool, either would be cool). Jan N0AAA nr CID


Whichever. Personally, I just want to be able to see all the BOE flights on the current day and also historical reports.

No answer from the admin team yet though I see? :confused:


The example I used was that you could search COA9*** for example, and see all of Continental’s non-scheduled flights. That would be pretty cool to see, and very easy to find sports charters and maintenance flights, for example.


Do you know of any other ‘trick’ flight numbers for other airlines?


Most airlines use four digit numbers starting with 9 for maintenance and charter flights.


Most airlines use four digit numbers starting with 9 for maintenance and charter flights.

Don’t forget that this applies to the scheduled airlines. Charter carriers such as Ryan International and Gemini use a variety of numbers that are not always 4 digits long beginning with 9. Also, Southwest appears to use 4 digit flight numbers beginning with 4 and higher (e.g. SWA7035, SWA8612, and SWA9012).


Delivery flights :

JBU9430 although last one was 7633 strangely.
NKS9*** where the stars are the aircraft reg.
AARD where the stars are the last 3 of the reg.
KALD ditto.
NCA696 for new B744F’s.
CCA058 for all delivery flights, CCA060 if CCA058 is taken.
TRS8*** where the stars are the fleet no.
where the star is the last letter of the reg.
where the stars are the last 4 of the reg.
*** ditto.
CDG**** ditto.
CXA**** ditto.
CSZ**** ditto.
SWA85** random, but usually 8500/1 and low numbers for delivery flights.
AUA1471/2/4 for delivery and ferry flights.
MAH5091 for delivery flights.
FUA001P for delivery flights.
AEA001 for delivery flights.
SCX*** where stars are reg for delivery flights.
AIC160/1 for delivery flights east and west.
TRA052 for ferry/delivery flights.
QFA6020 for all Qantas delivery flights.
WJA900* for delivery flights, some are WJA1951/2 etc too.
COA9970/1/9990 for delivery flights.
ETH9201 for derlivery flights.
ANK9984 for delivery flights.
AMX8** for delivery flights.
THY810* for delivery flights.
ASA9*** for ferry and delivery flts.
AFR3V for delivery flights.
CAL970* for delivery flights of pax B744’s.
CAL1215/2205 (so far) for delivery of B744F’s.
ANA9397 for delivery flights.
JAL7901 for delivery flights.
UAE777 for all 777 delivery flights.
ETD777P for 777 delivery flights (so far).
CPA3337 for 777 delivery flts (so far).
KQA772 for 777 delivery flts.
* where stars are last 3 of reg on delivery flts.
ANZ6390 for ANZ delivery flts.

How’s that for a start? :astonished:


:confused: :confused:

Still no reply. :frowning:


RobK, I’ve answered the question repeatedly and emphasized that we understand the demand and intend to offer it. As I’ve said, there are non-technical issues we need to resolve and I’m not going to itemize the minutia of our internal operations and my actions on this matter simply because you don’t want to take my word for it.


<looks above for a previous reply from dbaker, but can’t see one> :confused:


You FA folks are doing a great job! I’ve seen many many posts about wildcard searches, and responses from you that has made it clear that you saw a value in it but that it is more difficult to implement than it seems on the surface and would look into it when able.

I am VERY satisifed with progress to date and have been very impressed with many things that you have been able to do so far. Not to mention how you maintain a constant dialog with users on feature requests, bug fixes, and other user concerns that is absolutely outstanding and second to none!

I think all FA users probably have a thing or two that they would like to see added, but I’m happy to wait patiently for them. If I were impatient for a certain feature I would always be free to subscribe to a fee-based service. But I’m perfectly happy to stay right here!

dbaker, mduell, nugget and whoever else is there are doing a fantastic job! Thanks for your efforts!


I, too, think the FA staff has done a fantastic job. I especially appreciate their active and timely participation in the forum discussions. That alone is worth the price of admission. :smiley:

I will accept that staff is working on our many varied enhancement requests, even when the apparent progress seems to slow down and test our patience. I’m sure upgrades are not as easy as they might seem to those of us on the outside. Even when a project appears to be finished, there must be a period of beta testing to shake out the bugs. Sometimes that sends something back to the drawing board. As for beta testing, I’d sure love to be a FA beta tester. :slight_smile:

My personally most desired enhancement is map zooming and recentering with numerous filtering and identification options thrown in. There are, admittedly, days when I wonder what’s taking so long. However, I don’t have the big picture on development and maintenance of the FA system. All I can tell is that FA is much improved today over what it was a couple of months ago and that glitches are rare compared to the massive volumes of data that pass through the system.

I think FA staff has done a great job so far. I’m confident that there’s a full effort to get our enhancement requests into the production system just as fast as it can be done without deteriorating the overall quality of the final result.


I thought those responses were specific to the aircraft type wild card which has now been implemented. I haven’t seen anything regarding the progress on the trip number wild card. Perhaps you could show me where the progress on this is being discussed BTaylor? :confused:



Think someone needs to take a chill pill or subscribe to Flight Tracker. Being that this is a FREE service, I don’t think any of us are in a position to place demands on anyone…over!