List of All Airborne Aircraft Types


Might it be possible to introduce a feature where the user clicks a button that generates a list of all aircraft types in flight? Each aircraft type would, of course, be clickable for further examination of individual flights.

I would just love to be able to generate the list from time to time, and browse through to see what rare types are in the air.

***Disclaimer - I spent about 20 minutes searching for the answer to this question to no avail.


Well they do have something. Try 30 mins next time. :wink:


This may be a good idea for the currently blank aircraft type search page linked to above. But you made me curious so here are the 637 distinct aircraft types we’ve seen in the last few days:

A109 A124 A300 A306 A30B A310 A316 A318 A319 A320 A321 A322 A325 A329 A332 A333 A342 A343 A345 A346 A36 A500 A748 AA1 AA1B AA5 AA5A AA5B ABR1 AC11 AC12 AC50 AC68 AC69 AC6L AC90 AC95 AC9L AERO AEST AG5 AG5B AN24 AN26 APCH AS32 AS35 AS50 AS55 AS65 ASTR AT43 AT45 AT5T AT72 B06 B12 B17 B19 B190 B200 B206 B222 B23 B230 B24 B25 B250 B30 B31 B33 B350 B355 B36 B36T B39L B400 B412 B430 B462 B500 B55 B712 B717 B721 B722 B727 B72Q B732 B733 B734 B735 B736 B737 B738 B739 B73A B73Q B741 B742 B743 B744 B747 B74F B752 B753 B757 B762 B763 B764 B767 B772 B773 B777 B90 B99 B9L BA11 BA31 BA32 BA41 BA46 BALL BD9L BE02 BE10 BE18 BE19 BE20 BE23 BE24 BE30 BE31 BE33 BE35 BE36 BE40 BE46 BE50 BE55 BE56 BE58 BE60 BE65 BE6T BE70 BE76 BE80 BE8T BE9 BE90 BE95 BE99 BE9L BE9T BED4 BEST BFM BH22 BIRD BK17 BL17 BL22 BL23 BN2 BN2A BR17 BR9L C10T C130 C140 C150 C152 C170 C172 C175 C177 C180 C182 C185 C18O C190 C195 C205 C206 C207 C208 C209 C210 C212 C25 C25A C25B C300 C303 C310 C320 C335 C337 C340 C401 C402 C404 C414 C421 C425 C441 C50 C500 C501 C510 C525 C526 C52A C52X C55 C550 C551 C56 C560 C56Q C56X C601 C650 C680 C712 C72 C72R C750 C77R C82 C82P C82R C82T C90 C90B CE55 CF34 CH2T CH30 CH7B CJ2A CJ3B CL2T CL30 CL40 CL60 CL64 CL65 CN35 CO35 COL COL3 COL4 COUR COZY CRJ CRJ1 CRJ2 CRJ7 CRJ9 CV58 CVLP CVLT CY21 D228 D328 D56X DA20 DA40 DA42 DA50 DA90 DC10 DC3 DC3S DC3T DC6 DC8 DC86 DC87 DC8Q DC9 DC91 DC93 DC94 DC95 DH6 DH6C DH8 DH81 DH8A DH8B DH8C DH8D DHB DHC1 DHC2 DHC5 DHC6 DHC7 DHC8 DSS DV20 DV40 E110 E120 E13 E135 E145 E154 E170 E190 E20 E24A E300 E400 E45X EA32 EC20 EC35 EC45 ERCO ERJ EUPA EXP EXPR F100 F27 F2PH F2TH F33 F406 F70 F90 F900 F990 FA10 FA20 FA50 FA90 FAA FK27 FK70 FT2H FURY G115 G150 G159 G2 G200 G2T1 G3 G4 G4SP G5 G550 G58 GA7 GALX GC1 GFL3 GL5T GLAS GLAX GLEX GLF2 GLF3 GLF4 GLF5 GLFQ GLS4 GLST GLX GTWN H25 H25A H25B H25C H25K H25S H269 H40 HC90 HELI HELO HMBD HR3C HRZN HS25 HUSK HXA HXB HXC IL62 IL96 J328 J35 J41 J532 JS31 JS32 JS41 L101 L188 L29 L29B L35 L382 L39 LA25 LA4 LC40 LC41 LEG2 LEGD LJ23 LJ24 LJ25 LJ28 LJ31 LJ35 LJ36 LJ40 LJ41 LJ45 LJ55 LJ60 LNC LNC2 LNC4 LNCE LR25 LR31 LR35 LR40 LR45 LR55 LR60 M020 M20 M20A M20B M20C M20E M20F M20G M20J M20K M20M M20N M20P M20R M20S M20T M21 M37B M6 M7 MA7 MD10 MD11 MD80 MD81 MD82 MD83 MD87 MD88 MD90 MK17 ML7 MO20 MO21 MO2P MOP MT7 MU2 MU20 MU21 MU2B MU3 MU30 N20P N712 NA1 NAV1 NAVI P180 P210 P24 P24A P27 P27A P28 P28A P28B P28R P28T P29A P32 P32A P32R P32T P337 P34B P34R P34T P3C P44R P46 P46A P46R P46T P64P P68 P68C PA12 PA18 PA20 PA22 PA23 PA24 PA27 PA28 PA30 PA31 PA32 PA33 PA34 PA38 PA39 PA40 PA41 PA42 PA43 PA44 PA46 PA60 PARO PASE PAY1 PAY2 PAY3 PAY4 PAYE PAYT PAZT PC1 PC12 POL3 PRM PRM1 PRN1 PS34 PT31 R22 R44 R721 RANG RC70 RJ85 RS22 RV4 RV6 RV7 RV7A RV8 RV9 S108 S205 S61 S65C S76 S92 SA10 SA16 SA20 SB20 SBR1 SBR2 SC7 SD3 SDH8 SF32 SF34 SF40 SH33 SH36 SJ30 SPIT SPR2 SR2 SR20 SR22 SRB1 SW2 SW3 SW3B SW4 SW4A SW4B SW5 SWA4 SX30 SYMP T182 T210 T28 T38 T6 TA20 TAMP TB10 TB20 TB70 TBM TBM7 TBM9 TBN7 TEST TEX2 TNAV TOB TOBA TRIN TRIS TRJ2 U16 UH1 VEL0 VELO WB57 WW24 XXXX YBM7 Z42 ZZZZ

edit: Boeing7475500, I think the OP is looking for a list of the types, in addition to the airborne aircraft for each type.


Lot o plane types!


I think you misunderstood my question. The page you linked allows a user to enter a specific aircraft type…a 172, for example…and view all airborne 172s.

I would like to view a complete list of ALL aircraft types in the air at any given moment.

For example, there may be 100 757s aloft right now, but there would only be one line for “B757”. Clicking “B757” would take you to the page where you can view all the individual 757 flights in the air.

This way, users could scan down the list and notice if, for example, an Antonov or Illyushin was making a visit to the States.

EDIT - Exactly, Mduell! Man, browsing through that list, I notice there have been AN-24s, AN-26s, DHC-7s, IL-62s, IL-96s, Spitfires, and other rare, interesting types flying around. It would be great to be able to browse through the list of active types, and spot an interesting type in my neighborhood. To the airport I would go!


XXXX, ZZZZ and TEST are unusual a/c types! (I was able to find 2 XXXX flights and they were in Canada)


My guess:



We had this ready to roll out and based on demand . . .


Bloody hell. You guys rock. Thanks very much!



      Again, you guys amaze me.  I know to expect the unexpected pleasant surprises with FA, but I'm still blindsided on a regular basis.  I don't think there's a better-run website out there, especially when it comes to listening to the members (who join for **FREE**!!) I've said it before, and I'll say it again:  Keep up the awesome work.  :smiley:  :smiley:


Fantastic! Thanks, guys. This is something I’ll use quite a bit.


Ask and it shall be Done!
(think you could add sorting capability by code and/or name to the columns?)


Awesome indeed!!!

A very nice Labor Day surprise Dan.

Note the 49 PC-12s aloft J!


It was 63 earlier!
10 or so of them were ours.

It’s going to be interesting to see how the numbers change as we go into the nighttime hours. Lots of medium-heavys for UPS FedEx and Abex and less GA/Corporate.


This is an excellent feature! Thanks guys!


Does this feature show ALL aircraft in flight regardless of their blocked status? I keep seeing 1 F70 aircraft shown in the list but get nada when I go the F70 flights page.

As far as I know, only Ford operates a F70 in the USA and they have their aircraft blocked.

Also, would it be possible to be set up the aircraft type page so it can be sorted by type?



That has been previously requested and is on the to-do list.


Please can we have this put on the menu, its a magic option thanks.
Be lucky