ADD Types to favourites


Is there any chance in the future we may be able to add a type or types to our favourite list. Obviously this could only be applied to small (in numbers terms) types E.G. C-119 C-46 etc to have all 733 s listed would be unmanageable. or even perhaps have a carrier on as a favourite again restricted to smaller carriers e.g Northern Air Cargo or Brooks Air Fuel?
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The part about being able to see all flights as been discussed in this very forum several times. Please use the search link above to find them.

You can already find all aircraft of a certain type already. Go to

In the box for aircraft type, enter the aircraft code or enter the 1st three characters than an asterisk. The former will find all aircraft currently flying of that type (e.g. B738 will find all B737-800). If you enter, for example, B73*, you will find all B737-200, B737-500, etc., that are currently flying.

Don’t forget to read the Questions/Answers (link at top of page) and the forum.


Yes I do know how to find all the aircraft of a given type, the feature I was enquiring about was would it be possible to have a type selection box in "My Flight Aware" Or to have a selected carrier included in there. I have read as many of the previous postings on this theme as I can find and this specific request does not appear to have been raised, or I may have missed it somewhere.
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The part in my posting about seeing “all flights” should have read “all flights of an airline.”

Did you use the words “airline” and “fleet” for your search. I found a few items that way.