Searching by Aircraft Type


Sorry if this has been asked, which I’m sure it has, but will you be adding a search area like you have for Reg/FL #, Airline, and ICAO code that’ll allow aircraft type?

I know you can get to it by selecting the browsing suggestions on the main page, but then you have to select a different aircraft than the 6 listed.

Also, any way to get a list of codes for the aircraft? I had to guess on the ATR-72 (AT72) and Beech B200 King Air (BE20). Some are well known and obvious, B733 = Boeing 737-300, B737 = 737-700, ect…

Thanks, love the site! It’s a great way to get flight plans for MSFS!



I don’t think we’re going to put a type search on the header of every page since it isn’t as popular as the other searching options. You’ll have to get to it from the home page, or by bookmarking aircraft type page. Also note that the aircraft type codes on airport and flight pages are linked to the page for that type.

AOPA has an extensive list of aircraft type codes available for free on their website.


I don’t believe I’ve seen a “Site Map” link. That would be a great place to show all the miscellaneous odd links like /aircrafttype/


Okay thanks!


I would like to see a drop down menu on aircraft that are currently active. This has been a great way to look at aricraft you may be shopping for with real numbers on how people really fly them and where, but might not know the code.


You can also find the “offical” list of aircraft types here.

That links you to Appendix A of FAAO 7110.65P, which is essentially the “ATC’s handbook/guide to controlling.” Similar to the FAR/AIM for pilots, just on the other side. It may be more up-to-date than the AOPA page, since the 7110 gets changed occasionally. (Last Change: August 2005)

Hope this helps!


P.S. Here’s a link to ICAO/IATA codes for airlines and other charter/corprate operators.


This is a nice little site for all the ICAO and IATA codes you could ask for, as well as some others, including the aircraft codes.