Aircraft Type search


A question from a newbie. I love 747s. Not too many in and out of here (KCHS) except some charters and Cargo. Is there a way to search by aircraft type or airline without the flight number or the origin airport to find out what 747s have flightplans (not necessarily enroute) to my location.
Atlas Air, Kalitta Air, and Evergreen are the most frequent 747s in and out of here.


Sure, just click on the aircraft type or use the aircraft type search page to look up B74*.

Fleet tracking isn’t available yet, but is coming soon.


looking foward to the fleet tracking how long do you think it will tae until its up and running :smiley:



How do you navigate to that aircraft type tracking page? I don’t see that as an option from the home page.

I just see:
Flight/tail #
Flight number
Airport code


He mentioned in an earlier post that they would probably add a search box soon. Until they do, follow this link and save it as a favorite in your browser.


Ah… thanks!


how do you save that link???


Right click on it and choose “Add to favorites” or “Bookmark this link” depending on your browser.


Ok thanks :smiley: