How to...look through piaware/flightaware to find a plane

What’s the right/best way to examine my piaware stats or to find a specific type of plane I saw overhead at a given time? Specifically, a 747 that was overhead at fairly low altitude around 13:45pm local time. thanks in advance.

no replies!? uh, did I ask something that is off limits?

Not off limits, just no obvious answer.

The short answer is “that’s not easy to do from the information you have”. The standard piaware setup doesn’t record history (you could build something to make it do that in the future if you wanted, though) and FA’s free-to-the-public data isn’t really set up to search like that. You could use FlightXML to ask for flights matching a lat/lon box & timeframe.

bummer! but thanks for replying. A low-flying 747 is a rare bird around Austin.

got my answer: E4 on a training flight that landed at ABIA.

I watched that flight yesterday. It did circuits for a while at 2,500 ft, including at least two touch-and-go landings on ABIA East runway. I think it came in from San Antonio as a training flight. This was the aircraft.

by watched, do you mean visually or otherwise?

Sorry, I meant watched it on my PiAware map as I tracked it through MLAT.