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Full time monitoring display


Hi everyone - first post. Nice to be here.

I am looking to build a gift for my father. I’m fairly sure what I have envisioned is doable / has been done, but can’t find a similar project. I would like to build a Piaware with a tablet/monitor only running just the map above his house. He could hang it on the wall, leave it on his desk, ect… When he goes outside and sees a plane in the sky, click it on the map to get flight info. Does that make sense?

Would someone point me in the right direction for a tutorial or a starting place? I’ve built projects before but I can’t get from a piaware to the display portion.

Thanks, I appreciate and help/guidance.


If you have Piaware connected to his local network then the map can be displayed on any device that has a browser on the same local network.

I can see the map on everything from my phone and tablet to the smart tv. I didn’t have to build anything.



Is Skyview just the airplanes that I can see with my piAware ADS-B, or all of the planes over my space?

When I look at the Tracklog of one of the entries in “Flights with Positions From This Feeder on FlightAware.com Within the Last Hour” I usually only see my station once.
Is that the only time I saw it, or are other stations used if they have some sort of higher reliability ranking?


Skyview are the planes YOU are receiving positions for directly plus MLAT aircraft which you contribute information to allow flightaware to calculate their position by combining with other receivers in your vicinity.

If you look at the bottom of your stats page https://flightaware.com/adsb/stats/user/ClarenceDold you will see what others around you are receiving over the same time period (UTC day).

NOTE it is usually a few days behind and should only be used as a guide.

In your case, every one around you is doing better so you may have potential for (a lot) of improvement.

It probably means you only uploaded one position report for that flight.



If there are a lot of other stations around you that is to be expected.

Flightaware records a position every 30 seconds and that position is attributed to one feeder. (While it probably cross checks the other position reports it gets at the time)

To use your data at all the requirement is probably that you received multiple successive position reports from the plane.

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I try to keep my thought within a thread, but i might have crossed up, there… :wink:
(on that coverage thought, the 24 lag in some of the statistics still has to accumulate. I think I’m in good shape. My SkyView today looks a lot like the coverage prediction)

I have a TV with a ChromeCast.
I installed Chromium on the piAware.
If I could command-line launch a chromium->chromecast of the SkyView, I’d be all set.
I might have to walk all the way into the other room to install Chrome Remote Desktop or x2go.


Thanks SweetPea, Appreciate the help. Much easier than I was thinking.


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