Flightaware site

Is the site down? I am unable to connect (started today after many years of use.)

Yeah, I have:
Nov 21 09:17:30 raspberrypi piaware[908]: Lost connection to adept server at piaware.flightaware.com/1200: server closed connection

That was 3-hrs ago.

Did a sudo systemctl restart piaware
and that started things running again.
This is the first time for me that piaware has spontaneously stopped running like that. Think this has previously been reported by others.

This server has nothing to do with the FA main page. Different systems.

Hi new here. Is there a way to check flight times for past flights? Like 2-3 am this morning Nov. 23? As some plane? Sound like a drone with a very high pitched prop(imo) plus a helicopter either following it ? Controlling it? Or following another aircraft and not a drone. I did find out similar weird flight Nov. 10 secret survey? Lol
I ask because this was pretty loud and very low! The chopper was circling my building almost seemed like a crash was about to happen.
So I am trying to find what the heck was flying over my area.
Thanks for any and all help!
B. Dymond

Well, not sure from the original post of the thread which server was being talked about.

I was referring to the difference of webserver for FA website vs. the system which processes the data packets sent by a feeder