piaware losing connection?

. . I had a problem earlier in jan that was probably due to a password change in flightaware. in troubleshooting, I reloaded flightaware per the current instructions, which appeared to involve a download directly, and no disk file downloads and subsequent saves to the memory card.
. . I started initially in September I think, and had no trouble with connections until the one initiated by the power outage early in jan.
. . I have received 5 notifications of info outages so far this month. I have been just restarting, but this last time I did a status report to see if I could find out what was causing the outage. the only parameter that was not affirmative was the connection between piaware and flight aware.
. . there is nothing different about my internet connection here. is there anything besides hardware that could be causing this? I swapped out everything during the troubleshooting, and could still have some spare hardware in the loop.


. . I just read that I should provide a copy of piaware.out. I am not familiar with the procedure, although they may have been mentioned in my early jan postings. would someone mind giving the procedure again? I will write it down this time.

the other info that was mentioned that I should supply:
I got the email notificattion yesterday jan 30, stating that my last data received was at 745 pm.
my site name is starshippe. I am on the Georgia coast, usa. edst time zone.
I will have to check on the rev I am running, but it was downloaded early this month.
. . I see 3.18.11-v7* #781, is this what u need?