PiAware/Dump1090 Outages???

Have been seeing this almost every afternoon for almost a week now (although today’s is worse):

Looking at the local piaware logs everything is running fine, although I do see this from time to time followed by a reconnect to the FlightAware server:

Oct 28 11:22:17 raspberrypi piaware[609]: data isn’t making it to FlightAware, reconnecting…

This reconnect only showed up one time today at 11:22 per above, the rest of the log looks great.

I have had no issues with other stateful connections dropping on my network and the reconnection does not happen at the same time on my second station (also within the same intranet), so I’m a bit puzzled. These are hardwired LAN, not wifi connected as well. Any ideas?

I have the same exact situation except during the 7 to 8 PM time frame. Both graphics drop off to zero while the log shows data being transmitted to Flightaware. I’m only four days into this so still have a lot to learn but I dont see anything going wrong on my end.

I assume you’re looking at the dip at 13-14-15pm.

I looked at your stats now and there is data for those hours, so it’s probably just stats processing getting a bit behind realtime at busy times.

Yeah that’s wild, filled in now again. What about the random reconnect in log every so often (latest and only for 1 of my rigs today):

Oct 28 11:22:17 raspberrypi piaware[609]: data isn’t making it to FlightAware, reconnecting…

That behavior fires when the TCP write buffer fills up for more than 10 seconds. That generally means the TCP connection is hosed. Network outage or a stateful firewall that’s forgotten about the connection.

both of my feeds say “live” and have aircraft in the “recent flights” section, but my hourly graphs show my feed is down?

anyone having this issue?

I’m going to beat a dead horse with this: :blush:


Local log:

Everyone else in my area is showing up to date. This is a slow(er) time period so far as messages are concerned.

Made sense, but it’s not a congestive timeframe this go around and spot-checks on those around me are showing stats in the past ~300 minutes.
Pings/rtt are fine. Known issues with the FA server recently? This is driving me bonkers thinking it’s gotta be something on my end, but no indications pointing in that direction. Thoughts?

im having same issue with both of my receivers, i made another thread without seeing this one first

Same here.

Same here. Mine is showing “no data received” for the past 4 hours. But the dump1090 display has been quite active during this period, showing hundreds of aircraft.

Best guess is that there is a backlog somewhere on the FA receiving end, and that perhaps this will sort itself out in time.

(I hope!)

Makes me feel much better. I suspect it’s server end in this case. At least I can stop going in circles trying to break my side down since it’s sort of like nailing jello to the wall. I’m certain they will get it worked out.

I am too. Radar display still shows activity, while the “hourly position report” chart still shows no activity, now going on 6 hours. I’m sure by morning they’ll figure out who unplugged what and all will be well. :smiley:

Yeah been busted for over four hours here too.

From what it appears there seems to be a big outage. At least the feeders in Colorado and Texas appear to be out. Nothing has been tracking for me or anyone’s else for the last 5 hours. No problems on my end. Everything is connected and up to date.

I’ve noticed the same issue.

Same here

Same here (Spain)

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The same problem in the Netherlands.
Still sending data to Flightaware, but I don’t see them in the statistics.

[2016-11-03 08:26 CET] 15744 msgs recv’d from dump1090-fa (2571 in last 5m); 15743 msgs sent to FlightAware
[2016-11-03 08:31 CET] 18266 msgs recv’d from dump1090-fa (2522 in last 5m); 18265 msgs sent to FlightAware
[2016-11-03 08:36 CET] 20469 msgs recv’d from dump1090-fa (2203 in last 5m); 20468 msgs sent to FlightAware


Hi guys,

There was an unexpected interruption in stats processing from 2016-11-03 00:00 UTC until about 09:00 UTC, but I believe things should be back online now. Unfortunately, we probably won’t be able to easily reprocess the stats for those 9 missing hours, but we expect things to be okay going forward. ADS-B data was still being processed for flight tracking purposes, but the stats pages just weren’t getting updated.

Thanks for your patience!

Glad to hear everything is back in working order! I do show that data is flowing back and forth as normal now following what looks like an eight and a half hour outage.

Thank you for your work on this! :smiley: