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Live but not live and not updating stats

Are all the PiAware sites down?


My feeds say they are uploading data when I log into the Pi’s and do a sudo piaware-status. My network also shows that data is being taken from them and uploaded. However, when I look online it says the last time they were last seen was over 2 hours ago…


Last seen online 2 hours ago for mine. Data is however bring transmitted to FA.

Same here, so maybe another outage.

Ok thanks for the input. Just connected my unit and it was showing up for a while then stopped.
If I do the direct connection using 1090 dump I can see aircraft data.

When I looked earlier my last time seen was "Live"
Now its over 2 hours.


I hadn’t been watching my feeder page, just the coverage page. Mine says last seen 3 hours ago. Will our data be received when the server is back up?

Is anyone getting this message under your page.

When I go under My ADS-B page I see this message under my map.

Anomaly report for piaware feeder with a mac address of xx.xx.xx.xx.xx.xx
ADS-B positions were last received from this feeder a while ago

Yes, it is showing that for both of my feeds.


Yup, I have that too. I’m sure they must be aware of this and are working on it.

Ok. Thanks.

Well, it looks like we can get an idea how long it takes before the anomaly tracker to trigger. Is seems to be running while the server to catch the incoming feeder traffic isn’t. Different server I guess. I think we can expect a notice from FA of the situation soon. Suspect they are busy w/ the fix. Patience Grasshopper :wink:

I am back ONLINE. LIVE…

Mine is back as well.


Sorry folks, yes… there was an outage of piaware backend processing lasting just a little bit over three hours, starting at 20:40 UTC and ended at 23:41 UTC on December 9th.

The problem was an uncaught exception in a backend program that gathers all the messages from all the piaware hosts. The bug had actually been fixed on November 14th but the endpoint program was not restarted when the bug was fixed.

We did get alarms from our monitoring software but we overlooked them, so it was n embarrassing multiple-failure type of problem.

Unfortunately the data sent during that period was lost because it is the failed backend program that writes them to storage.

I apologize for this. Piaware processing has been fully restored. The exact problem that caused the outage should not occur again.


It happens. Crashes are a matter of when, not if. Good it’s back on line. One more hole plugged.
Good job


I got a notice earlier today in my mail that my piaware was not reporting anymore. And my stats show an anomaly, and state that no data is received.

However, connecting to my local virtualradar webserver shows that planes are being tracked, and internet access is up.

Is this a problem with FA? with PIAware?

Site Mac is b8:27:eb:94:03:33


FWIW, my PiAware rig seems to be working fine.

Hi back home,

Stats states that piaware has been lost sint dec 23rd, and logs show that piaware has been hanging since.

Anyone care to give a look, and tell me anything I can do to help pinpoint the hang, or should I just reboot it…


ps :

pi@raspberrypi ~ $ sudo /etc/init.d/piaware status
piaware is running

Top shows piaware waiting :
15822 root 20 0 20276 7772 3072 S 0.0 1.7 138:43.06 piaware

Looking at my site and several others using PiAware it shows to be Live but looking at the bottom of my page
under Nearby ADS-B Sites instead of the normal Live it shows Today. I see the same on other sites as well.
Looks like data is still going to FlightAware. But the stats are not updating.


Weird issue… At the top of the page it says Last Seen: Live… However looking at local reporters it shows me as last seen today.
Looking at my planes and positions counts - it’s not increasing… However the log in /tmp is showing that planes and positions are reporting.

Is there an oddity with FA’s stats page?

Here is mine

From /tmp log
12/29/2014 22:20:15 21 msgs recv’d from dump1090 via faup1090; 20 msgs sent to FlightAware
12/29/2014 22:20:41 server is sending alive messages; we will expect them