Feeder Outage but live data showind on local network

The statistics page says the data feed stopped some 22 hours ago, but I can still see live data on the web interface at the local IP:8080. I am confident the ‘live’ data is real and current, as I first refreshed the web page, then looked up 5-6 flights appearing on the page on the main FlightAware page, and they all appear just where my ADS-B says they are.

I have had chronic issues trying to use a static IP address, and finally gave up. My attempt to revise the settings back to stock may be what triggered this, but it did work for at least some time after the change, so I’m stumped.

In my prior experience it has been all-or-nothing: FlightAware reports data available and I can see it locally; or, they see nothing and I see nothing locally.

Any ideas of what would cause the FlightAware system to not see the data, but still have it available locally?

check your flightaware log locally, and on flightaware your page, you have a log too, see whats wrong is, or post your log.
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Thanks - I may have solve it:

/tmp/piaware.out indicated the machine had made contact with flightaware, but had failed to login.

I think I must have provided an invalid username/password combination. I ran piaware-config again, and it corrected itself…