Whats happened to the live map?


I’ve been wrapped up in work and/or away from home for a couple of months. The stats page for my station has changed but I can’t for the life of me find the tab to show the live flights plotting that I enjoyed a few months ago? I can look out of my radio room window and see the London Heathrow stack come almost overhead. Has it been removed or am I loosing it??


Click the link where you see “Web Interface: PiAware Skyview (requires local network connection)” on your stats page.


Thanks, I had tried that but its VERY slow to react but got there in the end. I’m often getting this message though…

“Problem fetching data from dump1090.
AJAX call failed (timeout: timeout). Maybe dump1090 is no longer running?
The displayed map data will be out of date.”

Nothing has changed on my system and I had an outage starting at 8am today with no ADSB feed. Is there something I should do/try?



It’s really hard to say but it seems like something is wrong with the Pi or your local network. I would start with restarting the Pi and see what happens.


I’ve got the same issue. Wasn’t there a live map of just my station on the MyADS-B page that wasn’t directly from the PiAware (local network)?

Or was this just something I imaged for the last couple of years?



The map of aircraft that your feeder sees has always been a local network thing.


Instead of clicking link “View map” on your Flightaware Stats page, type following in your browser’s address bar:


You can find Site-Local-IP from your Flightaware Stats page. Please see screenshot below:


OK, I guess I was just confused. It sucks getting old…


Thanks for the reply–I’ve got the local thing going fine.

I had mistakenly remembered being able to do something similar remotely. It would be nice, but I understand the amount of processing it would take.


You can configure your router to allow remote access across the Internet into your local network. Then you can access your local devices and your live data from anywhere. But such access opens up security concerns for your home network. Hackers may then have an easier time getting in as well.