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My ADS-B status page question

I have been having some issues with my Piaware setup not sending data. When I go to my status page, in the site information it will say “Data Feed: Live 3 hours ago” (where the hours listed varies depending on when I catch it… one time it was 23 hours), but the “Feeder Check In:” will be “Live less than a minute ago”. When this happens, I don’t seem to be able to reboot the Pi remotely from the web page. If I cycle power on my Pi it will be fine. This seems to have been happening more with version1.19, but I have no hard data on that. Any help would be appreciated.

Continue to monitor things over the next few days and see if it happens again. We have been occasionally re-processing the statistics data this week as a part of rolling out changes and minor bug fixes. It’s possible that you were looking at the web page while we were replaying data.

Appears to be happening now…