System interruption


Hi all, we’ve had a system interruption on the evening of 21-Oct and lost some stats data, apologies for the inconvenience.

Feeder page not updating?

Is this why I am seeing my data feed check in multiple hours ago even though the feeder has checked in and is live?


I am seeing that as well - on both of my feeders.

Even got an email about one of them…


Got an email as well. At least my streak ended not because of something I did.


Is the system recovered yet??

I still see that my Feeder is live but no data since 7 hours ago.

Data Feed: Today - about 7 hours ago
Feeder Check-in: Live - 2 minutes ago
Joined: 04-Apr-2015
Longest Streak: 200 days (04-Apr-2015 - 20-Oct-2015)

Everything looks ok on my end.


Hi, I’m having the same issue, I did notice that some sites are still Live however when I look at these they are all PlanePlotter or FlightFeeder sites, as far as I can see it appears to be affecting just PiAware sites. I have rebooted my RPi but that hasn’t helped.

Data Feed: Today - about 8 hours ago
Feeder Check-in: Live - 9 minutes ago
Joined: 14-Oct-2015
Longest Streak: 7 days (14-Oct-2015 - 20-Oct-2015)
Feeder Type: PiAware (Debian Package Add-on) 2.1-3
Multilateration (MLAT): Supported / Enabled (synchronized with 58 nearby receivers)


Mine is still offline at 11:30 pm in San Diego. 8 hours now. Feeder is looking normal.



Yeah, so it being a little after 2 am in STL, my feeder is live and checked in less than a minute ago, last data feed was about 8 hours ago. I hope the streak is predicated on the feeder check in…


Data Feed: Today - about 8 hours ago
Feeder Check-in: Live - less than a minute ago

both sites - even after reboot.
data from yesterday night lost - zero data since then


Having the same issue as Tom, I was thinking it was the ADSL bandwidth issue that I currently have (downloading problem, not uploading/sending).


There is one piaware feeder in my list of nearby feeders that is showing data feed live but I notice it is on an older version: 1.19-4


Been a while. Update?


Good to know you are on it.
I checked my neighbours, some still feeding.
Piaware-status reports no anomalies.


Just wondering about this myself. My station is showing the same as everyone else. Rebooted the system as well, no change.


Hi All,
Mine is now showing 11 hrs and still nothing. ?


6am EDT
Data Feed: Today - about 11 hours ago
Feeder Check-in: Live - 3 minutes ago


looks like they get data and do mlat - but site stats fail.
you can check this for your sites with:

sudo piaware-status

cat /tmp/piaware.out



As of a few minutes ago. :confused: :confused:

Yep, seems to be sending and receiving.


The FA ops guys are probably catching up on sleep at the moment. I did a little more recovery work just now so we’ll see if that helps the feeds that were having problems.


Looking at the “Log” pull down on the stats page I get “Sorry, the log appears to be empty at the moment. Please try again later.” but I am feeding. The Daily Position reports column is blank for Wednesday.