can not get reconnected after power failure. can anyone help

. we had a power failure Friday, which interrupted the piaware transfers. the usual restart did not help. i substituted each and every piece of hardware, including the rasp pi computer. no change. I took out the memory card and reimaged it from the original august file. I reentered my router password and insured I had internet connectivity. no change. my status was showing everything running but no connection to piaware. I verified my mac address.
. this morning I reloaded completely, from the current piaware install page. I did not format the memory card before doing this. things seem to have gotten worse, in that the only status discrepancy i had last night was no connection to piaware. now several things are showing not functioning. (pic attached)
. i don’t know what else to do. can anyone give me any suggestions?
. i am going to post replies to this post very shortly, with pics showing several pages of the startup sequence. well maybe not, i do not see a way to attach pics. here is a link to a dropbox directory with the pics… … hOk6a?dl=0


. i might should have mentioned that the original pc flightaware install was on windows vista. i changed to windows 7 a few months ago. i have no idea if this would have made any difference, but it was a change. the rasp pi continued to run through that change.


The last screenshot tells us that piaware is not running. So try to start it:

sudo /etc/init.d/piaware start

Then check again with:

sudo piaware-status

Also check the log file to see if piaware has any problems:

cat /tmp/piaware.out

. its working.
. I had changed my fa password yesterday, as I had lost it as it was recorded in a file I managed to lose while reimaging the cards. I put that new password in yesterday, but this morning the log showed incorrect password, so I changed it again, and now its working.
. I musta screwed something up. thanks very much for the help.


. ok I have a few questions, now that things are working…
. do the current install instructions replace any of the efforts I made last august in preparing and imaging the memory card? how much if any of the information that was on that card in august is still there? will automatic updating change the info? should I take periodic copies of the card in order to recover from a problem like I just had?


Yes I believe what you have done now replaced whatever you did in August.

A re-imgage will completely destroy anything that is on the SD card and overwrite it with the info from the new image.

Automatic updating will install updated program versions onto the SD card. It’s a bit like updating Windows or updating apps on your phone.

The answer to that question is: “it depends” :wink: If you are happy with the functionality that the SD card image provides and you don’t make any adjustments to it or install any other software, then a backup does not make much sense because you can quickly recover with a new SD card image anyway. If on the other hand, you install additional software (like graphing), make other custom adjustments that you don’t want to lose or save your bank statements on the Pi then you definitely want to think about backups :slight_smile:
Hope that answers your questions.

. yes, and thanks much.