Aircraft type search

Golly, I hate to ask for something considering all of the recent enhancements, but I’ve got one for you to put on “the list” when you get time.

There’s not a convenient way to get to the FlightAware > Live Flight Tracker > Aircraft Type > search.

The only way I have found to search for all inflight of a particular type, is to go to the main live tracking page, click one of the pre-defined types, and then change the type to . With the new layout, seems like there is room to add a Aircraft Type query box over on the left after Airport Code queries.

When you get time!

Add a link to your browser’s link toolbar. Use this URL:
Then, just lcick on it to go to the aircraft type screen. You can use the same procedure to add links to your favorite aircraft. Once you have located the aircraft, just add the link to the toolbar.

I like the idea of making it easier to search by aircraft type. It is not easily accessible. I would like to be able to search aircraft type with a specific airport.