A/C registration on Live Flight Tracker page


Would it be possible show the aircraft registration on the live flight tracker page? For example, ACA88 is operated by C-FIUA today. It would be nice to see the registration on:




This is in effect for some airlines, mainly US carriers. However, you can’t put in a flight number and see the registration. You can enter the registration and get the flight number but not the other way around.

Search the forum for more information.


Interesting. I figured since registration–>flight number worked, it should be fairly easy for flight number–> registration to work as well. Can you point me to a forum thread where this was discussed? Not having much luck with search.

Thanks for the reply.


I’m having a hard time searching too. The (weak) search engine in the forum goes back only a year.


Google with site:discussions.flightaware.com is generally better than the built in forum search.

For supported carriers you can look up their flights by registration, like flightaware.com/live/flight/CFIUA
We’ve decided not to display the registration on the flight page otherwise.