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Where is registration shown?

Only just joined this site and it’s great but when I search for a flight, eg. QFA 802 I get a lot of information such as height, speed, routing etc but can’t see the registration anywhere. If I find the reg from another site and then do a search it will show up correctly as QFA 802.
Thanks for any help.

Try going to a Planespotters.net getting the registration number(s) then input them into the LIVE flight tracker, keep doing so with each aircraft until you find to plane or route you want. cheers!

Thanks for you reply to my question. I guess what I am really asking is why is the registration not shown when you search by flight number?


Good question. I’ve wondered that ever since they started the registration/flight number tie-up a few years ago. You can find the flight number by entering the registration. Why can’t the reverse be true?

Yes, my point exactly, if you find the registration from another source and search for that it’ll show the flight number but if you search the flight number it will not show the registration. Extremely frustrating!!

I was about to ask this same question. Seems like an obvious omission. The FAQ says Flight Aware can tell you the registration number of a flight but doesn’t say how. Or is it a case of ‘we can tell you, but we won’t!’ :slight_smile: