A military flight is being tracked!!!!!???

I was lookin at the list of airborne aircraft and near the bottom it had an aircraft called a Boeing Ra’am, with the AC identifier being F15, flight # being VOODOO1. i looked it up online, and it seems that it IS an F-15. it is flying right now from Nellis AFB to McChord AFB. anyone have any idea why this very specifically military flight is being tracked on here?

here is the tracking page…


See This Thread.

oh ok, thanks. so i still dont understand, after reading that, WHY it is being tracked…

Ok- I’ve had my fun cutting a pasting from the previous thread- next time, I encourage you to read links given as answer as they often contain nuggets of great wisdom

like i said, “i still dont understand, after reading that…” hence I DID read it, and yet i still dont get it. They would want to track their own flights using a public flight tracking system? seems wierd to me

Mduells guess to track their test/ferry flights for free seems reasonable to me.