RQ-9 & MQ-9?


Any way to track them?

Anyone ever see one on here?


RQ-9 and MQ-9 are military unmanned flights (drones).

Flight Aware covers civilian (Occasionally, some military ) flights that have filed a flight plan over the US and Canada.

Since most operations of these aircraft in the US are by Homeland Security for border patrol, odds are very, very slim to find any of that in FA.



Not all flights are Military.



NASA870 is the only RQ9/MQ9 that we’ve seen.

See discussions.flightaware.com/view … hp?p=34067 for commentary on some of its missions.


That’s why I used the word “most”. I knew NASA used it recently to track down hot spots in the California fires, but I didn’t think a flight plan was filed.

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I was short and concise but meant no ill will. Did the post in rush format. :slight_smile:


US Customs and Border Patrol are also flyin the Predator along the southwest border. Not sure how extensive their useage is or if tracking would be blocked. My guess would be: “UAV? Uhhhhh, What UAV?”


They also put one up in North Dakota at the new branch up there. I know the first RQ-9 they ordered they called it CBP-101. I am not sure about the other ones?

I did not think you could find the military ones. I was not sure if you could see the CBP, NASA, or General Atomics flight tests?


You can track almost all of the NASA aircraft that file IFR. If you know the tail number, just add NASA to the start of the number and delete the “NA” suffix Example: flightaware.com/live/flight/NASA944