I was tracking flights out of KLAX this morning and was following “Voodoo1”, a Boeing 727-200 with a destination of “3451”. Unknown owner or destination. It was followed by a non-trackable flight known as “November 1” which I heard depart via LiveATC.

Anyone familiar with these?


SEARCH is your friend. Searching “voodoo1” shows 3 other threads with the same subject.


Just found it. Thanks.

The 3451 is the latitude half of a lat/long pair 3451/11812, which is probably somewhere around Edwards AFB.

Thank you. I thought maybe it was heading towards the Groom Lake area and similar to the “Janet” operations.

FWIW: 34.51N 118.12W appears to be a bit south of Palmdale (KPMD), which is home to “Plant 42”. Sounds like this is where at lot of the cool toys get built before they’re flown up to Edwards for testing.

Or, if you have on your tinfoil hat, this must be where the alien autopsies are held after they land at Area 51.

Is the “November 1” a convention for something non-trackable? Kind of an ATC “there’s nothing to see here, move along?”. I seem to recall that N1-N99 are reserved numbers, and wondered if this is related?

Thanks for the info.
I lived in Palmdale for 3 years so I’m familiar with Plant 42.
The “November 1” flight remains a mystery. Hoped to get a glimpse of it in the LAX cam as it was departing but no luck.

N1-N99 are reserved by the FAA. N1 belongs to a Gulfstream IV used by the FAA/US Government. As examples, N34 is a restored DC-3, and N47 is a Bombardier Global 5000. (The latter two are both trackable). I can’t say if they’re involved in what you are referring to.

N1 showed up out here today. No one could ever really find out who or what they were doing out here. I don’t imagine the FAA would fly a G4 here just to stretch her legs.

Evidently you don’t know much about politicians and bureaucrats. They’ll fly a 747 with 3 people on board to go visit a place for 30 minutes.

It brought in congressmen and such to Oshkosh this year. I believe it landed twice and parked on the north side of the field. I used binoculars to read the tail number. I was glad to see it, but didn’t get much of a picture. The FAA administrator took N47, a Bombardier Global 5000, to Oshkosh in 2007. Look it up and you’ll find that it mostly flies in circles around Atlantic City, New Jersey.

William J. Hughes Technical Center

Thanks. I hadn’t heard of the place.

What B722 flies as “VOODOO1”?

N1 doesn’t just fly FAA officials. It is often used to transport other officials in the Dept. of Transportation. It could be FAA officials, Highway, Railroad, Maritime, etc, etc, etc

Come visit, I’ll sign you up for the tour. Very interesting place for plane geeks.

Almost as much fun as Naval Air Engineering Station (NAES) Lakehurst where you can find all kinds of eye candy:




we’re a 7 hour flight from hawaii, nobody* flies out here from the states “because they can”.

*at least almost nobody

I just happened to catch the 727 on a webcam that overlooks RWY25R at LAX.

Link to capture on Webcam

:open_mouth: WTF !! whats wrong with its nose. Talk about a “Groom Lake” probable resident!

I knew it … The Truth is out there!

Hey JHEM… I went to Lakehurst NJ for “A-School” A/C Firefighting school, back in 77. Interesting place.

You’re OLD! :laughing: