Weird Flight Track..


Can someone try and explain THIS:… LoL …I mean, I guess its a tracking error/anomaly…But just thought I would share this…Never seen a tracking anomaly on here THAT complex… :slight_smile: The flight (Eagle Flight121/EGF121) was SUPPOSED to be going from Los Angeles to San Jose (LAX - SJC)…But APPARENTLY it diverted to Chicago O’Hare, for SOME unknown reason…Anyone know why he would be diverted so EXTREMELY far away from his destination?!?..You would figure he would be diverted to an airport at least SOMEWHAT within the destination radius…So yeah…Anyone know what happended with EGF121 or is this just a FlightAware/tracking error?..Thanks… -Chris L.


Oh, shi-

You’ve stumble across a “chemtrail” flight. I knew it!


What in the f*k is a “ChemTrail” flight?? :question: …Im a Commercial Pilot and ive never heard of that before, ever… Please explain… And why would a commercial airliner be doing something with Chemicals (as the name ‘Chemtrail’ implies, I presume there are chemicals involved, right?..) …Is it like ‘Agviation’ or cloudseeding or cropdusting with chems…or WHAT?? Im confused!.. :confused: :slight_smile:


Note the entire flight history of EGF121. There are two different routes (LAX to SJC) and (ORD to OKC). This is a classic case of two flights in the national system using the same flight number at the same time, which confuses the tracking software.

Reference to “chemtrail” HERE


I know EGF uses the same flight numbers for different flights in separate regions. One runs LAX-SJC, and the other goes OKC-ORD. Looks like they were up at the same time for a little bit. Wonder if that has something to do with it?
EGF121 on the west coast
EGF121 in the midwest
mduell, what say you?


Heh Needle…beat me to it while I was fumbling with the url codes… :laughing:


This happens when there are two flights in the air at the same time with the same ident. American Eagle is the most common problem we’ve seen, because AAL3xxx and AAL4xxx both become EGFxxx. One of our brilliant young developers has identified a way to separate the two and it should be implemented within a month.


Coolness!!..Thanks guys…


How in the HELL do these complex anomalies keep happening?! LoL…Heres yet -another- one: Lol…As you can see above…one of the answers ive gotten to these strange, frequent flight tracks are that they are ‘Chemtrail’ flights…But i doubt that…the MILITARY takes care of those, not a civilian airliner :wink: I’m a RJ commercial pilot and i can tell you one thing for sure…if i flew that track, i would have one hell of a headache upon arrival! LoL…But anyways…I guess these tracking anomalies are just yet another thing made unnecessarily more complicated due to the -Wonderfull- (Ya, RIGHT…)…system that we call codesharing Lol.


Well, see… They accidentally put too much fuel in the aircraft and, as it’s illegal to import fuel into CA (unless it’s for one of Ahnold’s Hummers!), they wanted to burn off the excess before arrival.

Yeah, that’s the reason!