Any info on this mystery flight?


I’m a new member here and witnessed something I hadn’t seen before. A jet, for an unknown reason, made a couple circles in the sky and headed back north. I assumed there might have been a mechanical or medical issue on board, or that it might be related to military operations.

I took two pictures and posted them online at

I checked flight aware and could not find any flight data that showed this path. Based on the location, I’m assuming that this circular path took place above the Coast Range between Salem, Oregon and Lincoln City, OR. After completing the two circles, the jet started flying back where it came from. It might have been a military operation but given how many fighter jets fly around here, you would think you’d see more of these formations.

Any guesses?

UFO :open_mouth: or chemtrails :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

Probably some military flight…or a confused private pilot with a jet.

Pilot: “Let’s make a 360 and get out of here!!!”

I’m betting his wife forgot something.

Probably a B-52 or KC-135

LOFT: Line Oriented Flight Training.

Can be done by checkairmen with the company or even an instructor from Flight Safety, SimCom or the like.

Just another suggestion…