Peak ALT vs. Actual


What the heck happened here?



FL430…FL320…FL430…FL320…FL430…FL320… :question:


LOL! Clever!

But, um, that’s what I was asking about. Hee. Me thinks that was bumpy flight.


Definately quite the roller-coaster ride…


Cute! I love it!

Two planes using the same flight number. We used to see this kind of thing all the time. The good folks at FlightAware did some programming magic to filter out the erroneous track, but I guess it still happens on occasion. My question is why did they go all the way up to the U.P. of Michigan to go from Witchita to southern New York?


That little pukey smilie was kind of cute, and very appropriate!

As far as the last question re: the route, initial flight plan was for YYR directly from ICT (which still shows in the history), therefore New York seemed to be a sudden diversion of some sort, most likely not weather since I was tracking it live and saw the radar. I’m trying to find out from the pilot himself, and will let you know if I get an answer. Meanwhile, I just can’t figure it out. It was only one plane, and it’s a new one, so don’t think it’s overlapped with another active ID.


An export delivery of a new CJ3…but the cause of the diversion to SWF would be interesting if you can find that out Butterfly…As for the track log, definately a tracking anomaly…it’s just not possible for that pattern to be flown and those kinds of altitude excursions to take place in a 00:21 minute time span…


Yep, there was a problem. Flight was diverted to NY, away from original YYR. It was a “data related” failure so I’m wondering if it possibly caused confused info to be relayed to FAA and/or FA with the double flight plans and/or the data failure. Obviously something they wanted to fix in the U.S. before heading overseas. And it didn’t seem to take long to fix. But was important enough to stop the show. Fixed now so that’s what counts. Let ya know if I get more detail as to the zig zags. I wonder if some of the other pretty patterns you guys posted were related to similar failures, as opposed to double ID not going to be absolutely perfect fresh off the chopping block.